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Cheap car rental Casablanca Morocco

Touline Prestige will enhance your stay if you are looking for an affordable car rental in Casablanca. In Morocco, we offer professional services. Are you in search of a compact car that can be easily parked in the city? Do you need a comfortable sedan for long journeys and to enjoy the view of the Moroccan coast? Perhaps a minivan for family travel, accommodating all your luggage needs?

A car rental with unlimited mileage In Morocco is the best way to discover all that this beautiful city has to offer. In just a few clicks, you can book a rental cheap car in Casablanca.


Why rent a car in Casablanca online?
Your vehicle delivered to your home free of charge in Casablanca
Save time and take advantage of the delivery of your rental vehicle at the time and place of your choice in the city of Casablanca to avoid transporting your luggage and allowing you to enjoy your stay a little longer At Casablanca.
Car rental in Morocco with unlimited mileage
Travel longer with unlimited mileage rentals in Casablanca! Choose your departure agency, make a reservation and take advantage of our wide range of car rental services in Morocco! You can also subscribe to our optional products and services.
A fleet of almost new vehicles
Our car rental agency in Morocco offers you a wide range of almost new vehicles, from compact cars suitable for exploring the streets of Casablanca to SUVs suitable for a trip to the Atlas, including different types of minivans!
Set yourself free on the road and let the spirit of adventure carry you!
With Touline Prestige cheap rental cars in Morocco, drive as much as you want. The distance to be covered is limitless.
Discover the charm of Morocco with our car rental agency in Casablanca, where sunsets are unforgettable! Embark on the adventure with our premium vehicles, combining comfort and technology, to explore this beautiful country freely. Whether you opt for an SUV or a sedan, our fleet of top brands ensures an exceptional driving experience. Also, enjoy the convenience of our delivery service to strategic locations across Morocco, right upon your arrival.
location voiture casablanca aeroport
Save time and money by renting a car in Casablanca starting from 200 MAD after landing at Mohammed V Airport. This way, your vacation in Morocco can start smoothly, helping you return home with peace of mind, or welcoming colleagues from outside and offering them the best service and comfort, which is easier than renting a car at Mohammed V Airport.
Frequently Asked Questions

How to rent a cheap car in Casablanca?

Rent a car Casablnaca as soon as possible (at best a month or more before taking in charge). As everywhere, the lower the availability, the higher the prices.

– Seize the right promotional offers on online car rental during an event.

– Book online on the Internet. The prices there are generally good. cheaper only if you rent directly from an agency.

– It is often cheaper to choose an offer with option included (insurance, GPS, additional driver, for example) rather than paying for the option separately.

Documents needed to pick up your rental car in Casablanca

To pick up your rental car in Casablanca, you must go to the agency with the following documents:

– Valid identity document (passport or identity card).

– Valid driving license of the contract holder and each additional driver.

– Credit card (not debit card) for the vehicle deposit.

How many kilometers can I drive with a rental car in Casablanca?

At Touline Prestige, you can benefit from a car rental with unlimited mileage.

Can I drive in Morocco with a French or European driving licence?

The answer is yes, if you have a driving license issued by a country like France or Belgium or a member of the European Union, you are allowed to drive in Morocco.

What is the cheapest rental car in Casablanca?

– For a cheap car rental in Casablanca, the most affordable car in the City car category is generally the Renault Clio.

– In the SUV category it is the Dacia Duster.

– For the family category, it is generally the Citroën C3.

– Finally, in the Sedan category it is the Peugeot 508.

Morocco, 2 hours by plane from Paris, is a popular destination for its sunshine and its cities worthy of the thousand and one nights. Book a rental car for vacation in Morocco before departure is the best solution.

Indeed, thanks to our website, you can know how to rent a car in casablanca as well as compare prices and find the best deals more easily.

Holiday car rental in Morocco is child's play thanks to Touline Prestige. Start planning your stay today!

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