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Casablanca car rental

Casablanca car rental

You wish rent a cheap car in casablanca ? Touline Prestige will enhance your stay in Morocco. This is the best way to discover all the faces of this beautiful city, one of the largest in the world thanks to its new forms of modern architecture.

  • Nothing better than staying in Morocco to decompress. To explore the beautiful Moroccan coast, head to the Portes du Désert or explore the Casablanca region, a rental car is the ideal solution. Flexibility and comfort are yours. Admiring the unique landscape along the coastal river valley Oued Mellah while driving to the stunning Mizab Falls has never been easier. Ideal for getting away from it all, just 25 minutes from Casablanca.
  • Direct access is available from the Touline Prestige counter located on the ground floor of Terminal 1 at Casablanca Mohammed V Airport. If you are visiting Casablanca in the summer, do not hesitate to book your car in advance to be sure. to pay the best price when you arrive.
  • Renting a car in Casablanca Maarif is ideal for discovering Morocco, but in town, be careful of pedestrians who sometimes cross the street without looking. Drivers, especially buses and taxis, also require your full attention. Be vigilant at intersections and when approaching stop signs, which are not always obeyed. Finally, do not worry, the horn is the norm, but a real form of communication between drivers.
  • Several major arteries in Casablanca are to be avoided during the morning rush hour and between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Intersection between Boulevard Zerktouni, Boulevard Mohammed VI and Ouled Ziane station, the city highway is a real black spot for traffic in Casablanca. Casablanca has good weather most of the year, so outside of rush hour traffic is quite smooth.
  • 25% of users found a rental car in Casablanca for €20 or less.
  • Book your rental car in Casablanca at least 1 day in advance to get cheaper than average prices.
  • Off-airport car rental companies in Casablanca are on average around 102% cheaper than airport car rental companies.
  • Compact car rentals in Casablanca are on average around 40% cheaper than other car types.

Airports serving Casablanca

Book a rental car in Casablanca in a few clicks and you are sure to find a vehicle available for you as soon as you arrive in our agency located in downtown Casablanca, we offer our customers the possibility of reserving a rental car adapted to their budget and their needs. We have selected several passenger cars for the road alone, as a couple, as a family or as a group of friends.

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